Saturday, September 17, 2011

Provisional Final Results

Canada has Won the NYYC Invitational Cup presented by Rolex

Follow the Yellow Spinnaker. 
It was All-Canada Most of the Time.
The team from the Royal Canadian Y.C. in Toronto has won the
New York Yacht Club Invitational Cup presented by Rolex
Michael Levitt photo

Canada is first in the Final Race, then Capri, RORC, Annapolis, Finland, Argentina, Eastern, Itchenor, Portugal, Japan and New York.

Canada has won the regatta and New York is apparently second but the results aren't official yet. Well-sailed Canada!

End in Sight

Spinnakers to the finish

Oh Canada

At the penultimate mark, it's Canada, Capri, RORC, Annapolis, Finland, Eastern, Argentina, Itchenor, Japan, Portugal and NYYC. The New Yorkers have made up three places on that leg.

Spinnaker run. Canada is ahead. Next is RORC-- Michael Levitt photo 

Canada is first around the mark.  Then RORC, Annapolis, Capri, Eastern and Portugal. 

Canadians are first

At the weather the Canadians, sporting the Rolex Yellow Spinnaker, are first. Then came Yacht Club Capri. NYYC rounded at 10th or 11th.

Watching the races

After the Start

Boats bunched at the committee boat end. NYYC and Canada mixing it up before the gun. Seem very interested in each other.

Five minutes Until the Start

Remember us. Start at 11:50. Very light.

New Course

Same bearing to the weather mark 170 degrees. However the course has been shortened. The first weather mark is 1.6; the next is 1.3.

Waiting for the AP flag to drop.